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Why the Kiwisun

0.3 EU Standard

Top-quality Skinangel and Bodytone sunbed bulbs as a result of Dutch and German development.

Green bulbs sunbed

  • Natural and radiant skin tone
  • Green colour therapy
  • Relaxing therapy music in all beds

High-quality standard

Kiwisun Tanning Salon is waiting for customers with its sophisticated design and all sense pampering care in a clean and friendly environment.

Guarantee for safety

  • Central quality control system based on franchise system
  • Guaranteed replacement of bulbs with official records
  • Professional and qualified staff


Who we are

Kiwisun Ireland entrance

Welcome to world of Kiwisun!

KiwiSun offers a sophisticated design, pampering care for the eyes, the soul and all the senses, throughout the country and Europe.

Guarantee for safety

Kiwisun Tanning Salon
  • Guaranteed replacement of tubes with official records
  • Qualified, skilled receptionists who participate on central educational trainings

Why choose us?

Kiwisun Tanning Salon

  • EU-standard sunbeds
  • Skilled staff
  • Unique design and clean environment
  • Wide selection of cosmetic products

Our sunbed sets

Horizontal tanning

The Black Care Experience is a maximally improved sunbed package in order to satisfy the highest demands with the most possible extras (with an especially powerful upper part of 160W and a lower part of 100W intensive capacity).

Vertical unit

Gradation and temperateness according to your skin type. Our Spaghetti face tanners mean skin-protective new technology which tans quickly and without skin redness, wrinkling, drying or ageing the skin. They tan immediately and the skin does not tighten. Quality starts where needs are met before they are uttered.

Our cosmetic products

Cosmetics with different tropical fragrances through natural fruit fragrances to the solid fragrance free cosmetics can be found and even our male customers can find tanning creams with special components and alluring male fragrances. From our wide range of products qualified receptionists will suggest you the most suitable tanning cream comply with your skin type.

Kiwisun Juicy Fruit with 30x active bronzer

It accelerates the tanning due to its active ingredients and the protective effect of the shea butter. This moisturising tanning cream with exotic fruity scent provides intensive tanning, building an exceptionally nice Caribbean gold brown tan.

Kiwisun Cocoa Beach with 45x bronzer

Fast-acting tanning, bronzing and skin-care cosmetic. It hydrates brown skin perfectly, shea butter regenerates it. Jojoba oil and aloe vera with their complex together with the bronzer make a perfect Caribbean skin colour. A deeper and darker golden brown tan can be achieved with Cocoa Beach tanning cream.

Australian Gold

We provide with a selection of Australian Gold tanning creams suitable for all levels of indoor tanning.
Best sellers: Hardcore Black, Deviously Dark, Sinfully Black, Cheeky Brown, Heated

Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay has the perfect tanning cocktail for your skin. The entire line of tropical tanning lotions is a blissful concoction of delectable ingredients that offer you the dark tropical tanning results that you desire with ultimate skin care.
Best sellers: Tropic Surge, Bikini Envy, Mojo


Kiwisun Tanning Salon

25 MacCurtain street, Cork, Co. Cork

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 10am-10pm
Sun: 12pm-10pm

021 229 1998


Successful Business

Now you can join a successful franchise network, start a company in the spirit of success and health-awareness!
Immediate competitive edge for the KiwiSun tanning studios on the market:

  • Launched and popular brand
  • Exclusive area protection
  • Attractive design and fully comprehensive and standardized concept
  • Financial predictability and investment calculation
  • Support for implementation
  • Operational and professional monitoring, full know-how
  • Centralized, technical and training service
  • Centralized,marketing and national campaigns
  • Local marketing support
  • Official certifications, quality assurance system

franchise@kiwisun.ie Download our PDF brochure

Our salons in Ireland

KiwiSun Dún Laoghaire

72/A Upper George's Street Dún Laoghaire Ireland

KiwiSun Cork

25 MacCurtain street, Cork, Co. Cork